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How to use broken hammer to not damage excavato


Modern economy and high-speed development, peopleundefineds industrial equipment is also continuously developing, in which the use of the breaking hammer is also very frequent, in which, for the crushing hammer factory, it is also very challenging, but the use of the crushing hammer and the excavator is still not well understood, In the following, Yantai Puxi Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. provides you with the following: 

1. Use a high-quality breaking hammer. The inferior crushing hammer is easy to solve due to the design, manufacture and inspection, and the failure rate is high, and the excavator is more likely to be damaged; 

2. Suitable engine speed. As the crushing hammer has lower working pressure and flow requirements (such as 20-ton excavator, the working pressure is 160 to 180KG, the flow rate is 140 to 180 L/ MIN), the middle throttle can be operated; if the large-throttle operation not only does not increase the impact force, the hydraulic oil is abnormally heated, and the hydraulic system can also be damaged; 

3. Correct butter position, frequency and quantity. The grease shall be supplemented in the straight state of the steel, and the grease shall be filled every two hours. If the lubricating grease is supplemented in the suspended state of the steel, the grease enters the striking chamber, and the abnormal high-pressure oil can be generated in the striking chamber to enter the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic pump is damaged; 

4. Hydraulic oil quantity and pollution. Since the hydraulic oil pollution is one of the main reasons leading to the failure of the hydraulic pump, the pollution condition of the hydraulic oil shall be confirmed in time (the hydraulic oil is changed for 600 hours and the filter element is replaced for 100 hours). The lack of hydraulic oil will cause cavitation, such as hydraulic pump failure, broken hammer piston cylinder strain, etc.; it is suggested that the oil level should be checked before being used every day; 

5. Replace the oil seal in time. The oil seal belongs to the wearing parts. It is recommended that the breaking hammer work for 600-800 hours and replace the one-time crushing hammer oil seal. When the oil seal is leaking, the oil seal must be stopped immediately, the oil seal is replaced, and the dust on the negative side is easy to enter the hydraulic system, and the hydraulic system is damaged and the hydraulic pump is damaged. 

6. Keep the pipeline clean. The crushing hammer pipeline must be thoroughly cleaned and the return oil circuit is in cycle butt-jointed; when the bucket is replaced, the broken hammer pipeline must be blocked and the pipeline is kept clean. The hydraulic pump can be easily damaged after the sundries such as sand enter the hydraulic system. 

The above is how to use the crushing hammer to do not damage the excavator, and I hope that the introduction can help you.