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Cause and treatment method of oil leakage of broken ham


Crushing hammer is one of the main products of our company. Our company has been engaged in crushing hammer for many years and is one of the suppliers of crushing hammer. 

1. The surface of the main oil seal is hardened and the sliding surface is ruptured. The reason is that the abnormal high speed working pressure is too high. 

2. The surface of the main oil seal is hardened, and the oil seal of the whole seal is broken and broken. The reason is that the abnormal increase of the temperature of the hydraulic oil spoiled oil results in ozone damage to the seal and oil leakage. 

3. the wear of the main oil seal surface is as smooth as the mirror surface, and the reason is that the pressure is too high and the stroke is small in the fretting age. 

4. the mirror wear uneven seal on the surface of the main oil seal has the phenomenon of swelling, and the reason is that the side pressure is too large and the eccentricity is too large, and improper oil and cleaning solution are used. 

5. the sliding surface of the main oil seal has damage and wear marks, the reason is poor electroplating, the rough piston rod with rust point matching surface is improper in material selection and contains impurities. 

6. there are ruptured scar indentation at the top of the main oil seal lip; cause-improper assembly chamfer, installation and storage method. 

7. there are indentation on the sliding surface of the main oil seal; the reason-there are foreign sundries. 

8. there are cracks in the lip of the main oil seal, which are caused by improper use of oil, high or low working temperature, high back pressure speed and too high pulse pressure frequency. 

9. The main oil seal has carbonation and coke deterioration, and the reason-residual air produces adiabatic compression. 

10. there are cracks in the extrusion of the main oil seal, the reason is that the pressure is too large, the extrusion gap is too large, the support ring is used properly, and the design of the installation groove is unreasonable. 

The relevant information explained above is hoped to be helpful to you. All the staff of our company are looking forward to your arrival. We will provide you with good faith and high quality products and thoughtful service. We sincerely look forward to your arrival.