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Safe use of excavator hydraulic hammer three main point


As one of the most common accessories in construction machinery, excavator hydraulic crushing hammer has been widely used in mines, railways, highways, municipal work occasions. In the face of bad construction site, not only to ensure the construction efficiency, but also to ensure the construction safety. Next, expand into small series from several aspects to summarize the safety use of the crushing hammer:

1. Install carefully

The installation of crushing hammer is the premise of construction. Only by improving the quality of construction machinery installation can we reduce the safety accidents. In this regard, the installation process and standard of the crushing hammer shall be determined according to the relevant construction machinery and equipment installation work specifications, so as to ensure that the installers and later users can accurately install and use the crushing hammer according to the standards. For example, the installation personnel shall strictly check the qualification specification and qualification certificate of the crushing hammer, and at the same time carefully check the auxiliary components needed for the crushing hammer installation to ensure the smooth installation.

2. Trial operation is necessary

The actual operation is to check the mechanical performance and specification of parts installation before the crushing hammer is put into use. The proper debugging is also to further test the quality of the crushing hammer and reduce the failure of the crushing hammer as much as possible. After the trial machine is completed, reinforce each part again.

3. Standardize operation to reduce damage

Personnel's protective equipment configuration and operation method selection. For example, before the strike, select the appropriate strike point and confirm that the brazing rod is indeed stable before the operation strike. Do not use as a sledge hammer. Place the bit on the ground before starting. Never use the crusher as a sledge hammer to break objects.

The above is yantai pukun hydraulic equipment co., LTD. On the safe use of the three points of the crushing hammer, these three points are directly related to the safety of the operation and the service life of the equipment, each can not be careless.