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How to replace the long and short bolts of the crushing


The long and short bolt of crushing hammer plays the role of fastening the connection, and the stress is more complicated, so it is easy to be damaged. In the daily maintenance work of the crushing hammer, apart from the replacement of some large vulnerable parts, it is also necessary to check and replace the length and length of the crushing hammer bolts, check whether the bolts and nuts are loose, damaged and fall off the whole body bolts, splint bolts, accumulator bolts are damaged. Then how to replace the long and short bolts? The following is to listen to our yantai crushing hammer manufacturers for you to summarize the practical experience:

1.Before unscrewing the through-body bolt, the nitrogen in the upper body should be completely released. In case of nitrogen resistance, unscrewing the bolt strictly so as to avoid internal damage to personnel.

2. After removing the overall bolt, the staff of yantai crushing hammer manufacturer will generally check whether the bolts of the crushing hammer have cracks, wear and other damages. If there is any damage, replace them in time.

3. When installing the length bolts of the whole body crushing hammer, please pay attention not to tighten one bolt at one time, and the next bolt should be tightened synchronously, so as to avoid the tightness of one bolt and the damage of others without tightening.

4. The selection of tools is also crucial for the loading and unloading of spare parts. On the one hand, appropriate tools can help the smooth loading and unloading; On the other hand, select the torque wrench in accordance with the specifications, the correct application of force can avoid the screw during the installation process.

When we install the bolt length of the crushing hammer, we must operate in strict accordance with the above method. Due to the negligence of installation, the failure of using the crushing hammer in the later stage occurs. After reading the above introduction, please feel free to contact our yantai crushing hammer manufacturer if you need any service to replace the bolts of the crushing hammer.