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How to use hydraulic crushing hammer


Taking the HTB crushing hammer as an example, the correct use of the hydraulic breaking hammer is described. 

1) Read the operation manual of the hydraulic breaking hammer carefully to prevent damage to the hydraulic breaking hammer and the excavator, and operate them effectively. 

2) Check whether the bolt and the connecting head are loose before operation, and whether the hydraulic pipeline has leakage. 

3) Do not peck the hole on the hard rock with a hydraulic breaker. 

4) The breaking hammer shall not be operated in the full or fully retracted condition of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder. 

5) Stop the operation of the crushing hammer when the hydraulic hose vibrates and check the pressure of the accumulator. 

6) The interference between the boom of the excavator and the drill bit of the crushing hammer is prevented. 

7) Do not immerse the crushing hammer in the water except the drill bit. 

8) The crushing hammer shall not be used as a lifting appliance. 

9) The breaking hammer shall not be operated on the track side of the excavator. 

10) When the hydraulic crushing hammer is connected with the hydraulic excavator or other engineering construction machinery, the working pressure and the flow of the main hydraulic system of the hydraulic fracturing hammer must meet the technical parameter requirements of the hydraulic breaking hammer, and the "P" port of the hydraulic breaking hammer is connected with the high-pressure oil path of the main machine, The "A" port is connected to the oil return path of the main machine. 

11) The optimal hydraulic oil temperature during operation of the hydraulic crushing hammer shall be 50-60 degrees, and the maximum hydraulic oil temperature shall not exceed 80 degrees. Otherwise, the load of the hydraulic crushing hammer shall be reduced. 

12) The working medium used by the hydraulic crushing hammer can generally be in line with the oil of the hydraulic system of the main engine. YB-N46 or YB-N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil is recommended in the general area, and YC-N46 or YC-N68 low-temperature hydraulic oil is used in cold areas. The oil filtration accuracy of the hydraulic oil is not less than 50 micro; m.

13) The new and repaired hydraulic breaking hammer must be re-filled with nitrogen at a pressure of 2.5, and a pressure of 0.5 MPa. 

14) The rod handle and the guide sleeve of the cylinder block must be lubricated with calcium-based grease or composite calcium-based grease, and each shift should be filled once. 

15) When the hydraulic breaking hammer is in operation, the hammer rod must be pressed on the rock, and the breaking hammer shall not be started until a certain pressure is maintained, and it is not allowed to start in the suspended state. 

16) The hydraulic breaking hammer is not allowed to be used when the lever is used to avoid breaking the lever. 

17) The hydraulic breaking hammer and the fiber rod shall be perpendicular to the working surface at the time of use so as to not produce the principle of radial force. 

18) The impact of the crushing hammer shall be stopped immediately when the broken object has been cracked or cracked, so as to avoid harmful "air-beating". 

19) If the hydraulic breaking hammer is to be stopped for a long time, the nitrogen shall be released, and the oil inlet, the oil outlet shall be sealed, and the iron cutting shall be stored under the environment of high temperature and -20 degrees.